Why is NASCAR racing so popular in America? Why do people like to watch cars go around in a circle? There are many reasons! Pure entertainment is one that is hitting the top of the charts.

There is not much to have to learn as a fan for the sport of racing. We learn as young children the purpose of a race. Therefore, as young as 2 years old, children can understand the purpose of nascar racing. Picking a favorite car or favorite driver can help little ones enjoy the sport as much as their parents!

Many fans can get autographs and memorabilia from the drivers much easier than those who play in the NFL or NBA. That is the outlook of many race car drivers. It is also always a close race!

In NASCAR racing, there is usually a quarter of a second delay between the winner and the second place racer. This is makes the race intense! Fans can be heard throughout the stadium at all times! Fans are their priority because without them, they could not race!

Americans love NASCAR for the reasons of entertainment, nothing to learn in the “game” of racing, easy to obtain memorabilia for themselves, and most of all, it’s a good time for the whole family!

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