The National Association of stock car auto racing (NASCAR) is second most popular sport after football in US. A family owned and operated business, it governs multiple car racing events. They conduct over 1500 races over 100 tracks in 39 US states and Canada. It is housed in Daytona Beach, Florida, and has 75 million fans. Internationally over 150 countries broadcast this event.  History has a twisted tail about how this car racing began. In 1930’s bootleggers needed to distribute their illicit product quickly so they used small fast moving cars for delivery. That led to Florida’s love for fast- paced driving down twisty mountains. The Cars continued to improve and by end of 1940’s these cars started running for profit. These car-racing events became a popular entertainment in Southern United States.

It is an original American sport; in a well-designed stadium, thrill given by speed gives is gripping. People’s love for machines and technology is another reason for them to love car racing. America’s obsession with cars is also the reason why NASCAR is so popular. Like any other sport person, race car drivers get years of training to develop their skill that mainly focuses on handling speed with precision along with other technical aspects. In a race format where timing and speed is everything, race ends without any accidents, is exciting enough. Automobile company’s designs these cars specifically for races. Low laying cars are designed to avoid any accidents and better grip on the road. It’s a one-day family event; men and women along with kids of all ages enjoy this. It is a complete value for your money, car racing is a must see event. It is a celebration of a different kind!

Just like any other sport, it challenges the physical and mental strength and endurance of the drivers. Teams compete against each and winners are declared. It’s about control over your machine, which is an unusual skill that requires years of training and practice. The kind of glamour and media attention it gets has made NASCAR popular in other countries as well. In 2006, Toyota announced its decision of joining car racing. Honda, another foreign automobile company is also considering joining this event. The kind of revenue this event generates has become a reason for global expansion.  The NASCAR Nationwide series is the second highest level of professional competition. These race car drivers are well paid and are treated like heroes. Many foreign-born drivers are also taking this opportunity, to establish themselves. The frenzied fan following explains the phenomena it has become!

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