Former NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. dove feet-first into a new experience this weekend with his wife, Amy, and the Internet went kinda loco.
Saturday afternoon – for the first time for him, apparently – Earnhardt experienced that fusion of lunch and breakfast known as brunch.
That’s not that extraordinary for anyone who’s moved beyond his He-Man Woman-Haters Club years, but what followed just might be.
But first, Earnhardt let his followers know something was up with a series of tweets about the brunch, beginning innocently enough.
But before the brunch had ended, the recently retired driver dropped this bombshell.
And then, it happened. With brunch done, the recently retired driver put his best foot (and probably the other one, too) forward to let a professional perform the pedicure. Earnhardt let the world know how it felt.
But the real payoff for those following this unprecedented drama on Twitter came courtesy of …

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