The highlights from NASCAR’s first official podcast have almost nothing to do with the thrill of competitive racing. The first season of “Glass Case of Emotion,” hosted by rising star driver Ryan Blaney with help from broadcast veterans Kim Coon and Chuck Bush, included prank calls made to rival drivers or deep dives into the movie “Star Wars.”
Racing comes up, too, but the show has found early success by focusing on more than Blaney’s sport. “Glass Case of Emotion” has gotten over 1 million listens during its first season, and the show gained momentum as the current NASCAR season has worn on: 200,000 of those listens came in the final month, according to the platform AudioBoom, which hosts the show.
It’s part of a plan inside of NASCAR digital to roll out more driver-specific digital content initiatives as a way to grow the sport’s audience and its digital media footprint at …

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