Oh boy. The 2018 NASCAR season hasn’t even begun, and already we’ve got drivers calling each other names and trading barbs.
Welcome back.
This newest controversy started Tuesday at NASCAR media day in Charlotte, when Kyle Busch told reporters he thought it was “stupid” for the sport’s marketing executives to place so much emphasis on young drivers instead of established veterans.
“It is bothersome,” Busch said. “We’ve paid our dues, and our sponsors have and everything else, and all you’re doing is advertising all these younger guys for fans to figure out and pick up on. … Pushing these younger drivers is, I wouldn’t say, all that fair.
“But I don’t know, I’m not the marketing genius that’s behind this deal.”
Naturally, Busch’s comments (he’s 32) didn’t go over well with those younger drivers.
Ryan Blaney, 24, said part of the fault is Busch’s.
“The reason why I get asked to do (marketing spots) a lot …

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