There’s a reason NASCAR Hall of Famer and team owner Richard Childress praised the Second Amendment in a Tuesday interview.
Three men attempted to break into Childress’ Davidson County home on December 17th, and at the time (about 10:30 p.m.), he was upstairs with his wife. When he heard glass breaking, he grabbed his gun and went downstairs, firing shots at the intruders while he did.
Childress is a second vice president of the National Rifle Association.
“We had an incident,” Childress said, “and all I can say is thank God and our Second Ammendment because I was able to have a firearm in my home to protect my wife and my family.”
During the attempted break-in, the three would-be intruders had military-style guns with them. Investigators later discovered those weapons were previously stolen and had been reported as such to the Winston-Salem police.
On Jan. 2, the three intruders – identified as Niquan …

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